Description of Services

Swedish Massage


Basic relaxation massage used to increase circulation, reduce stress and anxiety. This massage allows the therapist to feel for any trouble spots for future treatment. 

Deep Tissue Massage


Not recommended for everyone! This type of massage involves neuromuscular therapy/trigger point therapy. The therapist uses ischemic compression on trigger points to reduce blood flow and break up toxic adhesions that build up due to chronic use, injury and stress. 

Myofascial Release


This type of massage therapy focuses on the connective tissue in the body with the use of prolonged stretching and muscle lengthening. It may be done clothed and a session of 80 minutes or longer is recommended.

Prenatal Massage


This massage is for expectant mothers lying on their side and helps relax muscles from the strain of carrying a baby. Feet are not included.  

Chair/Desk Massage


With a chair massage, the client sits in a specialized chair. This type of massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders, and back. Similarly, with a desk massage, a special face cradle is used and set up on a  desk or tabletop.